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    Our Mission!

    “ We are here to help empower, encourage and endorse emerging talent from every musical or entertainment genre.”
    Quality Assurance Director, Benjamin Verde Inc.

    Proudly Canadian Eh!

    It is our duty to encourage the development and preservation of our rich and diverse art history and culture. BV believes that grass root funding is essential in supporting and stimulating growth and continued success for emerging artists from around the world within the music/entertainment industry.

    Benjamin Verde Incorporated is proud to be part of the success of all of the artists, companies, conferences and events that we sponsor, endorse and fund.

    Benjamin Verde Incorporated (BV), enjoys a peak position of power and industry influence. Our Executives use these powers to encourage, enhance and advance our clients as well the artistic community. We are a dynamic executive body that is responsible for making sure things run smoothly within our organization.

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