The Million Dollar Question…

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The Million Dollar Question…

How does BV integrate with traditional A&E funding sources provided by the Canadian Government?


4 Super Simple Steps:

  1. BV will research the key components of each sources application requirements
  2. BV will then advise the applicant of the process (general overview)
  3. BV will then pair the applicant with an affiliate member such as a grant writer
  4. BV will deliver a higher standard application and review process

You probably hate writing and submitting grant applications. but honestly who does? Most of our clients have been down this road before. Finding themselves hoping and praying that one of the dozen applications are approved and funded by one or more of the traditional grant funds such FACTOR.

It can become extremely frustrating at times for an emerging artist. Because these artists have not yet made a name in the industry, it is very difficult to obtain the funding needed to start or complete a project.

The wait is over! BV will bridge the gap and will assist clients in obtaining the capital required to wrap up a video shoot or master the last few songs on your demo, EP or mixtape.

We are here to help!!!



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