Artists have the opportunity to pursue their careers by utilizing the Community Contribution Grant Program (CCGP). The Program was created by Benjamin Verde Incorporated’s Executive Team, in a conscious effort to provide a grass root support system catering to entertainment industry.

Qualified candidates may receive contributions (Micro- Grant) up to Five Hundred dollars ($500.00) per applicant, per funding category at Contribution Committee’s sole discretion. Here are the grant categories;
1. Brand Builder (Marketing and Promotion)
2. Audio Production (Recording, Post Production)
3. Online Radio (Digital Media)
4. Videos (Directors and Photographers
5. Open Box (Tell Us Your Story)

No need to hire an expensive Grant Writer for Benjamin Verde Grants its quick and easy! Applicants must complete a minimum thirty minute Consultation to become eligible for funding. You probably already have everything that you need to apply…All you need are the following things; (Check your smart phone right now)

1. One MP3 or voice note of your song (doesn’t need to mixed or mastered)
2. A basic idea of the video’s concept or what you’ve been thinking about putting in the video (tell us about it in 140 characters or less)
3. An idea of what you’d like to accomplish in the entertainment industry (tell us your dream)

BV has developed two tiers for the Benjamin Verde Community Contribution Grant Program: Emerging Artists or Start-Up Entertainment Companyand Established Artist or Entertainment Company(short for pro-amateur). We fund directly to the Service Providers/Affiliates responsible for developing and producing the project.

All Applications submitted will be processed within the week it was submitted. A decision will be made on the application during this time and qualified applications will be funded, no later than the ten business days after the application was submitted.Please see the example below:

John Smith applied on February 1, 2018. (W1/18) his application would be;
i.) Processed.
ii.) A decision would be made by the Grant Committee and;
iii.) Funded no later than February 11, 2018 (W1/18)

Processing & Fees:

  • The Contribution Committee has days to review and make a decision regarding your Application (Weekly submission deadline: Every Thursday at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)
  • An Applicant must remit the Processing Fee of $10.00 plus taxes per grant application.
  • If an Applicants has been declined for a Grant, the Contribution Committee will refund 50% of the Processing Fee and provide the Applicant with feedback on exactly what they would like to see the Applicant improve before reapplying. The feedback is specifically for you so NO MORE GUESSING GAMES!
  • Applicants that have been approved for a Grant are required to pay the applicable taxes based on the amount granted by Contribution Committee.

i.) Tom Jackson was approved for his Video Grant and receives a $100 Grant from the Contribution Committee .
ii.) Tom would only pay $13.00.