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Ok! OK! OK!

You asked for it ….and now it’s finally here. The Benjamin Verde Incorporated Private Contribution Funding Program (PCFP)

Are you looking for funding for your video? What about for your recording time or how about for getting your radio campaign together? Well this the program for you!

Our Contribution Committee will offer invaluable insight into your project by way of the Review and Feedback Service attached to each funding category.

So look at it this way! You are getting the vital information you need to correct your mistakes or improve on your strengths from experienced industry professionals for the low price of $20.43 (HST included). But wait there’s more! Should your application for funding be approved BV will contribute up to $1000.00 per category approved.

Apply today as the deadline alerts will begin March 15, 2016 and final cut off on March 30, 2016 at 12am Eastern Standard Time.

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