here’s what you’ll need to know before you send us your application.
Applicants must complete a minimum thirty-minute (30) Consultation or a monthly Online Artist Management (OAM) subscription to become eligible for funding.
Monthly installment payments require pre-authorized debits from your personal or business bank account.
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We Fund dreams!

Benjamin Verde also supports Canada’s music/entertainment industry and is energetically striving for infrastructural change by spearheading business development through our robust Affiliate Program. BV is an active contributor to local music conferences such the Canadian Urban Music Conference and Industry Insider, as well as regional music events/showcases like Honey Jam and Youth Day.

We fund directly to the Service Providers/Affiliates responsible for developing and producing the project. Benjamin Verde brokers services among its expanding business and social networks in addition to Audio/Visual Production, Showcases, Seminars and Tours, Marketing and Promotion for material brokered by Benjamin Verde on behalf of its client’s.

  • Alcohol Brands (must be an Affiliate of BV)
  • Business Development Costs for music/entertainment business start-ups
  • Purchases like Studio Equipment, computers and software
  • Concert promoters directly
  • Venues directly
  • Contests
  • Festival Production costs
  • Manufacturing Costs for retail inventory (CD’s, T-shirts etc…)
  • Multi Cultural-Languages (world music: French, Hindi, Punjabi, Chinese, Korean etc…)
  • Music Festivals (must have a conference or educational component)
  • Office Supplies, business cards
  • Open Mic Mights/Jam Sessions
  • Personal items (including grooming, hair, makeup, wardrobe costs) or Stylist directly
  • Private Showcases
  • Radio Stations directly (brand/product awareness campaigns)
  • Recording Studios directly
  • Video Production companies directly

The Grant Categories



What you need with your application:· Creative concept· MP3 version of song· Name of Director/Production Company


What you need with your application:
· Name of Production company
· Name of Producer
· MP3 version of song


What you need with your application:
· Artist Biography
· Business/Marketing Plan


What you need with your application:
· Artist Biography
· Business/Marketing Plan


What you need with your application:· 140-character synopsis outlining the scope of the project overview·

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