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Your FREE 15 Minute Consultation is only the beginning. Our Agents are required to collect information about your career goals, previous achievements and failures to best guide and advise our Clients.

Since Benjamin Verde has such a simple application process, Applicants that are primarily seeking funding must participate in, and complete either a minimum of ONE 30 Minute PAID Consultation for $26.00 (plus HST) or a 60 Minute PAID Consultation for $45.00 (plus HST) to be eligible for any of Benjamin Verde’s funding products and services apart from the Assigned Equipment Financing offered excursively via our partnership with Play De Record.


Register for your FREE one-on-one consultation today, just click the “Register Now” button. If you still need a bit more information about our Consultation Service, please call us toll-free 1.888.995.8926 or email You will not be invoiced for the FREE Consultation.


Our specialized services allow emerging talent to gain the necessary insight into the music/entertainment industry. This service provides you with one-on-one consultation aimed at the specific goals and targets expressed by the artist. Marketing without any geographical limitation is made possible by VOIP technologies such as Skype. *Must complete a paid consultation for funding consideration.


Our Executives are able to dedicate the required time to research and prepare an in-depth analysis of our customer’s current marketability and suggest, design and develop the appropriate marketing tools to assist the Artist or Entertainment Company.


At the conclusion of the Consultation, session clients are presented with a comprehensive report to act as a guide and reminder of the client’s dedication to achieving the desired artistic/business vision. Clients seeking Artist Advances or Grants must complete a minimum thirty-minute consultation with an Artist and Affiliate Relation agent before applying for funding.


Benjamin Verde Inc. has the ability to leverage our social status as well as the personal and business relationships forged over decades of service to the entertainment sector.
We assist our clients in making correct career choices and red carpeting them to industry professionals within the BV network for $10.00 per introduction!

  • Do you need a platinum-selling Producer? Done!
  • Are you looking to work with a chart-topping Songwriter? No Problem!
  • Do you need to get into a high-quality recording studio? Easy!

It takes a lifetime to gain the right contacts and meet the right people. Engage BV, and allow us to leverage our database of industry connections to get you where you need to go, quickly and efficiently.