Equipment Financing

Play De Record has served the Toronto music community for over 25 years and is a complete one-stop-shop for Music lovers and DJs alike. Click below for more information about Play De Record and its products

Benjamin Verde is proud to announce its new funding partnership with Play De Record. BV will provide Equipment Financing for products sold by PDR both in-store and online and will require a thirty percent (30%) security deposit in addition to collateral.

The rates below are to be paid by the customer at the time of approval and before any funds will be assigned to the applicant. Monthly service and convenience charges starting at $18.50 for the ROOKIE Tier, $38.50 for the STARTER Tier and $48.75 for the PRO Tier. These rates are based on the information provided at the time of application.

No need to worry!

Benjamin Verde funds all Artists and Entertainment companies with NO CREDIT CHECK so apply today. You can repay at any time with no penalty.

Monthly installment payments require pre-authaurized debits from your personal or business bank account. Credit Card Payments are not permitted for this product.