BVX (Studio schowcase series)

Now Artists can remain independent longer and improve the stability of steams before going to a record company.

Benjamin Verde will fund your projects, so you don’t have to worry about paying for your services all at once. You do the creating and let us take care of your industry needs. Our mission is to encourage the evolution of the entertainment industry, and your artistry is connected to that vision!

The Rules

1. Applicants must be Benjamin Verde Artist Membership Program participants to become eligible for performances on the BVX platform.

2. Valid Photo ID (Government issued)

3. Proof of Address

4. One MP3 or voice note of your song (doesn’t need to be mixed or mastered)

7. An idea of what you’d like to accomplish in the entertainment industry (tell us your dream)

how it works

Sally Smith submitted her registration on February 1, 2018. (W1/18) her application would be;
i.) Processed.
ii.) A decision would be made by the Artist and Affiliate Relations Department and;
iii.) Sally will be automatically “Booked” for the next available BVX Showcase event, no later than February 11, 2018 (W1/18)
iv.)Sally will receive an email confirmation of her booked performance along with the event detail and link to free guest tickets to share.

Some of the Perks!

i.) Free video footage of your performance;
ii.) Automatic submission to the BVX Playlist.
iii.) Industry exposure and recognition among your peers
iv.) Your first gig with Benjamin Verde and;
v.) Free tickets for your guests to watch your performance

No Hidden Fees!

The Artist and Affiliate Relations Department will contact the Applicant with exactly what they will need to bring on the day of the BVX Showcase.

Artists are not required to pay any fees to part-take in the BVX Studio Showcase Series, it is a 100% FREE performance platform.