Assigned Artist Advances


We fund all Artists and Entertainment companies with NO CREDIT CHECK so apply today.

It is important to remember that making your monthly payments on time will allow you to increase the amount of your Advance by leveling up to a maximum of 100%
You will be provided with tagged reference material until your Advance has been recouped or repaid. You can repay at any time with no penalty.

Think of this as a “Credit Line” from your bank. Benjamin Verde Inc., will offer funding in exchange for monthly installments inclusive of convenience charges plus any applicable fees for either a three month term, a six-month term or a twelve month term.

The rates below are to be paid by the customer at the time of approval and before any funds will be assigned to the applicant’s project. Monthly Convenience Service Charges will be based on the tier of funds advanced, starting at $29.50 for Rookies, $38.50 for Starters and $45.00 for Pros.

These rates are based on the information provided at the time of application and will require a minimum of thirty percent (30%) security deposit. For individuals wanting funding for merchandise and online promotion/marketing may be required to provide collateral in addition to the security deposit.

Approved Artist Advances must be used within thirty (30) days of funding, failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions may result in the forfeiture of your deposit. There will be an APT (Assigned Processing Transaction) fee associated with each subsequent approved advanced starting at $10.30 plus taxes. Applicants must complete a minimum thirty minute Consultation to become eligible for funding. Monthly installment payments require pre-authaurized debits from your personal or business bank account. Credit Card Payments are not permitted for this product.