About Us


Benjamin Verde Incorporated

(BV) A Toronto-based, privately-owned, global entertainment company that specializes in brokering, funding, discovering and introducing to the world unbridled new talent. We offer a niche service, not found anywhere else, at competitive rates, giving our clients genuine opportunities to fulfil their highest-seeking aspirations.

Mindful of the fact that we are living in a digital age, Benjamin Verde has revolutionized how our customers can obtain the alternative funding necessary to fuel their musical aspirations. We put our clients in positions to win, and we offer services that help our untapped talent to become marketable and commercial success stories.

We specialize in:

  • funding new talent/artists and entertainment businesses
  • brokering advances for artists and entertainers
  • negotiation of client relations (Liaison Services)
  • providing expertise in portfolio presentation
  • entertainment consulting
  • spreading talent through television programming

BV’s “how to make it” regimen harnesses the power of the web and grows the reach of our client base by working with a number of influential individuals within the industry, major corporations and expert social media strategists, thus elevating emerging artists to the mainstream entertainment audience.

We don’t purport to possess the secret to superstardom. Our team of industry professionals, however, has both the experience and sense of dedication necessary to assist young, up-and-coming artists to hone their skills and acquire the knowledge to become high-level entertainers.

Online Artist Management (OAM)

The industry has not only changed, but it has evolved!

The music business is the most “artist friendly.” it has ever been since the formation of the first record company at the turn of the century. Fast forward 100 years, you will find that its less of a Master/Slave relationship.

Artists from all genres can now have complete control of their, artistry, creativity, image and branding 100% independent of the traditional record label. Online Artist Management (OAM) is a $19.00 monthly subscription service developed by Benjamin Verde Incorporated to grant unparalleled access to live information, customized marketing strategies and access to private funding for your projects.

The OAM subscription is reserved for registered members of Benjamin Verde’s Free Artist Membership Program (AMP).

Included in the FREE ARTIST MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM is a guaranteed $57.00 Verdefied Grant! Reducing the cost for the Online Artist Management subscription, along with the following;

Subscription Perks! (OAM)

Below, are just a few of the exclusive incentives you can expect from Benjamin Verde’s OAM service;

  • A Dedicated Advisor
  • “Instant” Verdefied Grant Funding
  • Access to the after-hours hotline
  • 90 minutes of one-on-one Consultation time each month
  • No long-term contracts cancel anytime
  • Our commissions are 90% cheaper than traditional Managers
  • spreading talent through television programming

For more information on our company and all it has to offer, please call us toll free at 1.888.995.8926 or follow us online at @brokeredbybv